The Little Amber music scheme uses four levels of cards (out of the six that exist). From the home page you can choose from one of the levels 2–5.

Level 2 – ‘sounds interesting’
Level 3 – ‘copy me, copy you’
Level 4 – ‘bits of pieces’
Level 5 – ‘whole songs, in time and in tune’

More information on the levels 1–6 can be found on the ‘Sounds of Intent Framework’.

Which level is right for you?

Children reach the different stages of musical development at different ages – that is quite usual, and visually impaired children are no different. Some may be more advanced than their friends, while others may need more time to develop.

If you’re not sure where your child is at musically, pick a card and see if the activities look about right. If they seem too hard, try one from a lower level; if they’re too easy, choose one from a higher level. There is something for everyone!

Selecting a card

There are 12 cards under each of the levels to choose from. Click on the card to view it in more detail. Each of the cards are numbered (1–48), have a level and type interactive, proactive or reactive.

You can easily change level and filter the type of card from the menu at the top of the page.
card-filtering menu

Single cards

Each of the single card pages describes an activity and includes ideas to help you get going. You can work through the cards in order using the ‘next card’ and ‘previous card’ buttons or you can follow the ‘suggested cards’ listed at the bottom of the page.

All cards can be downloaded as a PDF so you can keep them on your computer to refer to offline or print out.

Some cards include sounds and videos which can be played using the buttons at the top of the page.
Example listen and watch button
You can ‘favourite’ cards to create your own list to come back to quickly by clicking the star. Then on the list view you can then click the ‘Favourite cards’ star to see your own list of cards from all levels.

Songs and Sounds

There are lots of songs and sounds to help you interact with your child together with the cards. To find these select ‘Songs and Sounds‘ from the main navigation menu, top right of all pages.

You can choose between ‘Songs for Language’ and ‘Songs for Action’. Then select one of the drop downs to see the list of songs and sounds available.

Click the orange circle icons to play the different songs. A player will show at the bottom of your screen. You can pause or replay the song from here.

There are different types of songs available under each of the options. The icon in each of the play buttons refers to the type of songs that will play.