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Little Amber is a scheme that supports families to engage in musical activities and games with their blind or partially sighted child in the early years. The Amber Trust set up Little Amber because music is particularly important for babies and young children who are visually impaired, helping them bond with parents and carers, assisting them in developing language and finding out about the world around, and, above all, having fun!

Little Amber has two elements. The first is access to freely available resources that can be viewed online or downloaded. The second is the Little Amber Music Awards scheme, available to families in the UK who have a child under the age of five. Families involved in the scheme will be given a set of activity cards and will receive four home visits a year by a specially trained practitioner, who will show parents, carers and siblings musical activities to do at home or when out and about. Little Amber Music Awards run until a child’s fifth birthday, after which families are eligible to apply for a main Amber Trust Music Award.

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